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Merritt sitting in chair, left hand on chin
Merritt sitting on couch, backlit by window

Hey! I'm Merritt

I'm a rising junior journalism major at Emerson College in Boston, MA, and am originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. 


In my first year of undergrad, I published more than twenty articles in Emerson College's student newspaper, The Berkeley Beacon. I also produced video and audio packages for my introductory journalism courses. Here are some of my featured pieces. Click on the pictures to access the full stories.

He ran the Boston Marathon. His wife found a unique way to support him. 

April 17, 2024, The Berkeley Beacon


Inside and outside the Ritz Carlton: Kamala Harris' Boston visit

November 14, 2023


North End Curling Club hosts "Learn to Curl" event

February 26, 2024, JR-103 The Digital Journalist


Photo Merritt Hughes

Photo Ashlyn Wang

Photo Merritt Hughes


Journalist Portfolio

I've had the privilege of writing on a vast amount of topics, from exclusive press opportunities with the Vice President to editorials about the benefits of houseplants. If you want to read all of my stories, both the small and the big, click here. 

Merritt and fellow journalist, Sam Lawrence, in the field reporting
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